Just a Thought about Taare Zameen Par - A Warning Maybe

Posted by Rahul Sethi on 7:31 PM

I spoke about Taare Zameen Par and about the brilliance of the film. One however needs to take into account the message that the film propogates - 'every child is special' or to take it to a larger platform - every individual has a talent, a reason for existence that he or she needs to realize. 

One needs to take this message cautiously in the sense that existing models and structures more often than not help you realize your potential. Every individual may not necessarily be a brilliant painter, singer or mathematician. So one needs to ensure that if there exists no tangible speciality then existing models need to be stuck to. Individuals then cannot fool themselves on the pretext of cultivating hidden 'specialities' - that is what conventional wisdom may lead them to do. 

Trying to find oneself is extremely important - and one must persevere to do so. But i stress again that its not very easy especially if it does not manifest itself in a tangible form. 
Sticking then to existing models and excelling at them will eventually lead to a person finding himself. Or atleast that's what i feel. 

But i salute the film for stressing on the idea of finding oneself - and excelling. The film itself is a living example of its ideology! 


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