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Posted by Rahul Sethi on 5:50 PM

I just happened to see 'Taare Zameen Par' - Aamer Khan's directorial debut - Fantastic FilmMaking by the way - innovative and emotional, New India at it's best. 



Thinking back on the film i noticed how the script writer must be a great observer - and so too the director. Notice how in the film 'boarding school' is the last resource for mischievous children - heard that at middle class Indian homes?



Also, how many of you have had a teacher in school who pronounces thirsty as tirsty - and says that children go for 'susu'. Attention to such detail really gets me going - and really that translates to the film making process as well. I loved the consistency in film making be it the slow shutter movement in a long shot that leads to a close up or the shots with beautiful natural lighting. 



Noticing how children move, what they say ("now to you're gone"), and the way they emote and form companionships is really explored quite well in the film - and its all non verbal. 



Observation i think is essential to understanding oneself with respect to society apart from societal understanding at large.  



If you have any Interesting Observations do Share them with me!



I leave you with a Beautiful Song



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