Facebook Introduces Web Search via Live.com within the Network. Social Search beckons?

Posted by Rahul Sethi on 12:10 AM

I don't know if this is breaking news or if its been there for a while (i dint find a post about it) but it seems like Facebook has now started to search the web as well from within Facebook probably using Live.com technology.

When i was randomly searching for a potential client on Facebook today, something came up. It asked if i wanted to search the web or only search Facebook.

The results appear within Facebook. So its not redirecting to Live.com. As i see it Live.com has no real tangible benefit. No ads are being sold, no Live.com logo on the search page.

The only benefit is the association of Live with Facebook (Microsoft has paid a hefty sum for that!) which may make Live seem a little sexier. They have repeatedly tried to get more users stick into the Live.com search platform but no luck so far.

This again indicates that the guys at Facebook want Facebook to be the center of the average internet user's (and indeed PC user's) universe. It started with the start tab kind of application tab and now search. Applications have already ensured that users do more inside of Facebook and now with Facebook Connect becoming stronger along with Data portability into Facebook, it clearly shows that Facebook is looking to provide the user with everthing it can from 1 destination. A Facebook browser has been spoken about - they may do that at another stage only after looking at the success of Google Chrome. Till then they may be looking to capitalize on as much functionality for Facebook across browser to deepen user involvement.

The other thing that comes out of this is Facebook and Live together may be experimenting with social search where users recommend contextuality of results and recommend and rate things over time. No indication of that yet, but we may see that. Facebook already has the community - now they can create a search eco - system around it.


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