Social Media – Conversation is Key

Posted by Rahul Sethi on 10:18 PM

An International Study that revolving around teens recently conducted by PEW Internet says this:

Girls Blog More than Boys.

Girls Post more Photos than Boys.

Boys post more Videos than Girls. (Almost twice as Many)

The %’s are given on the PEW Report. I doubt these statistics are very relevant for an Indian context primarily because the Socio Cultural differences. (To get an insight into Indian Customers, have a look at my post on Pop Cultural trends in Internet India).

What’s relevant however is the motive behind the actions that young boys and girls are taking.

About 47% of all teens interviewed said that they had put up content in public places at least once and 89% of all teens said they comment on content atleast “some of the time”.

The key to note here is that content uploaded by teens is almost never about professional appreciation. Its mostly for creation of conversations.

Marketeers need to realize this in order to capture eyeballs on the Internet. They key is to create content that allows users to create conversations.

FoxySights will hopefully release a report soon on the Social Media Usage trends of the sexes and also age groups in India.

Marketeers must also realize the value of qualitatively tapping and participating into these ‘conversations’ that young boys and girls are creating and leverage value. The key is to be specific and target the right conversations in the right way.

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