Kudos to Cathay Pacific! - Now that's what i call Customer Care

Posted by Rahul Sethi on 1:41 AM

So my girlfriend happens to be on her way to LA via Hong Kong for a tiny job (its a whirlwind tour really - 3 days in all!) -- anyway she's off to LA and today happens to be her birthday (please drop your wishes as comments! - she will love it i am sure - and its an excuse for me to get her to look at this blog!)

When she was checking in, the lady at the Cathay counter welcomed her with a smile and wished her Happy Birthday. She was also presented with a card. It really showed her that the airline cared - and guess what! - she spoke about it! She told me and i am pretty sure she will tell her family and 2 more friends for sure. And here i am - telling you about it! So a card which probably cost Rs. 20 - half a US$ is likely to reap greater returns - much greater than expected!

A lot of organizations collect Data - very few organizations manage the data well! Data mining, management and analytics on the consumer end is all about resulting in an end process that transcends in consumer delight. I hope other firms are looking and listening.
(If you'd like innovative ways to manage your data and delight consumers - call on FoxyMoron)

The following example also shows why viral marketing is important. I wrote about a social media wasteland that has been created - at the same time, reality bites. No matter what the ideal situation is, people will talk, write, tweet etc - so delight your customer and it's likely that your base will be more loyal, and also shout out loud. You don't need to give your customers 50% discounts always - delighting them through simple things can go a long way. With consumers being increasingly interconnected mostly due to Web 2.0 tools and the sharing barriers to entry limited - prepare yourself - get your brand in the YAPspace.

I need to spruce up this blog - a bit!


Comment by raghav soni on August 5, 2008 at 12:20 AM

btw i am late but belated happy birthday to your gf......and because of her we had such a beautiful example of customer relation hats off to you to even convey it here........
really like the data leveraging part.....thats what comapanies ignore they do not want to capture the data of their customer because in todays world data is more important than customer itself perfect example would be google.......and monetizing it is the biggest challenge which only few could deliver hope my startup turn out that way......
now few minutes ago i wrote a very big comment explainig the whole business idea but you know what i just by mistakenly closed that page b4 posting it so plz my heartily suggestion to convert this blog to wordpress cos now i am busy in work and cant write the whole comment again .....and keep writing cos u have one loyal reader here......


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