Kiruba on Blogging and a little more:

Posted by Rahul Sethi on 9:22 AM

I met up with Kiruba Shankar - THE MAN when it comes to the Blogosphere in India. Received his famous card as well.

Kiruba did a quick session on 'Why You Should Blog' - i jotted down a few points. I will not add too much. To read my thoughts on Blogging in the last 10 years - check this post.

So Kiruba feels that the collective intelligence of the audience is much better than the speaker which is why he let other do the talking.

So the conference was all about anectodes.

Some of the things that came out of the anecdotes:

Be a thought leader in your field. Provide valuable content. That can be done by even challenging the thought leaders, ensuring that the right tags are placed, if you're on WP, use the All in One SEO Pack. Use Post slugs appropriately.

(i said i wont add but i saw an IPL Blog with the slug '-ipl' at the end of every post. The content was relevant wrt to the tags and slugs so obviously the blog was a success)

Interestingly and not surprisingly enough, Kiruba had the best anecdote:

He spoke about an orthopedic surgeon on YouTube – he records video surgeries by giving discounts to his pattients. He then puts up these videos online. He thus has started to get clients from the US – people who were over 60, whose medical insurance has expired. He books tickets for them, books rooms. They find him credible, they have a better experience at a better price. They are 80% of his clientele.

If you want a blog to become successful:
- Don’t drum yourself down; just start!
- Whatever you write, there is an audience!
- Start writing and continue writing and don’t bother about site stats.
- Link to big blogs – trash big bloggers.
- Be a thought leader. Be the best. Or try.
- Blogging as an identity check for getting hired. Be a thought leader. The big guys are looking. Your blog can get you hired.

Blogging is also about purity of intention.

Don’t have the time for a full-fledged blog? Start a MoBlog, or a MicroBlog. SMSGupshup and Twitter await.

Be a Part of the Web 2.0 Revolution!

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